San Marcos, Long Beach, Fullerton

1st. CSU San Marcos; it’s beautiful, has amazing transfer apartments, close to SDSU (transferring their after i get my B.A) but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the school. Most people don’t gradate on a time. Too expansive blah blah blah. I’m so conflicted. I would only be there for two years than go straight to SDSU

2nd. CSU Long Beach; Has a really good psychology program but i’ve heard that it’s a commuterschool. That scares me and I will never get into greek life to just make friends. Not my thing. Also, the dorms are fucking ugly. I want to be happy where I live not miserable looking at a brick wall with a stranger. Not my thing. 

3rd. CSU Fullerton;  I don’t know much about this school yet but from what I know it’s beautiful, good parties, close to my fave place Disneyland and good psychology department. It’s just the farthest from sdsu so it would mean more money to move to san diego.